Sales Genius is a comprehensive in-field sales automation and centralized reporting and management system with significant benefits:
  • More Productive Sales Force

    Depending on the sales organization, sales representatives are saving as much as 30% of their time performing regular in-store activities using the Sales Genius system.

  • Better Operating Efficiencies

    The combination of in-store automation and immediate efficient transmission of information electronically to a supplier's internal systems, vendors experience time savings, reduced errors and reduced costs.

  • Improved Service to Customers

    With faster order delivery, more time available, and more information at their fingertips, sales representatives improve their level of service to customers.

  • Better Management Decision Making

    Armed with the latest information from the field, management has the latest in-field activities and sales performance data available, allowing them to make more informed, more pro-active decisions.

  • Tax Savings

    Under section 179 of the US IRS tax code, even though payments may be spread out over several years, the total cost of Sales Genius is fully tax deductible in year one. This provides tax savings of up to 40% of the cost of the system.
In short, Sales Genius enables you to turbo charge your sales operations.