As a leading consultant in the natural products industry for over 40 years, I have had the opportunity to see many new innovations. It's rare in my experience to see a new technology that has such a powerful impact on the sales performance of a company as the Sales Genius™ system from Living Naturally.

Sales Genius helps in several important ways:
  • It makes sales representatives far more productive. Because of automation, they are able to increase their call volume and call quality.
  • Automation saves money. Reductions in cell phone charges, reduced order errors, less mis-ships and returns improves the bottom line.
  • Delivers sales managers or executives key information instantly, allowing for better informed and more timely decisions.
With these compelling benefits, it's not difficult to see that intelligent handheld units are becoming a standard part of a sales person’s toolkit.

It is my observation that organizations which embrace this new in-field paradigm early on gain a distinct competitive advantage. As Living Naturally has had this system in the field for over 3 years suppliers are adopting a proven, field tested system at this point.